Trips 2014 to 2021

 Included in blue are the main periods where we have visitors in La Tour- de-Peilz or Nevis for more than a day or overnight. This started in 2003.  

The following trips were taken by the two of us from 2014 and after
Nic & Alexandra fly to Nevis with their three children 19.12.2014-5.1.2015
Willi & Uschi on Wind Star SXM to SXM Mark joining at gala dinner in Nevis. Aurelia + Oliver Frick, Vaduz 1 week Febr. 2015
Willi & Uschi to take a boat trip down the Rhine to Amsterdam 12.-20.4.2015
Willi & Uschi to take a boat trip down the Danube to Budapest
Willi & Uschi to Chiang Mai 14.10.-22.10.2015
Willi & Uschi return to Japan with the Schulthess for a trip down memory lane 22.10.-10.11.2015
Willi & Uschi in Honolulu and the Big Island of Hawaii 10.11.-17.11.2015
Willi & Uschi in the US, California, Chicago New Orleans, Saratoga, Miami 17.11.-22.12.2015
Willi & Uschi return to Nevis for the winter months 22.12.2015-21.03.2016
Hans & Sylvia Friedli in Nevis 19.01.-04.02.2016
Willi & Uschi return to Switzerland via Miami and Frankfurt 21.03.2016
Willi to Chiang Mai via Dubai 6.-13.4.2016
Willi to Japan via Frankfurt 12.-24.5.2016
Nic & Alexandra come to La Tour with the 3 grandkids to attend grandpa’s 80th birthday 22.-28.7.2016
Uschi to Kempten via Dättlikon 30.8.-4.9.2016
Willi & Uschi to London via Frankfurt 14.-18.9.2016
Uschi to Kempten via Dättlikon 25.9.-1.10.2016
Willi & Uschi to Avignon for a 1 week Rhone river cruise 8.-15.10.2016
Willi to Chiang Mai and Phuket via Dubai to visit bed-ridden old friend Max Kägi.2016 1.-17.11.2016
Willi & Uschi in Dättlikon visiting Nic and his extended family for Christmas 23.-26.12.2016
Willi & Uschi to fly to Nevis via Gatwick balatedly                     27.1.-22.3.2017  

Willi to visit Chiang Mai and Japan for Sumo etc.                      10.-31.5.2017


30.6.-4.7.2017 – Willi & Uschi to take a river boat trip to Amsterdam, ending in Trier                                                                                        

16.11.-19.12.2017 – Willi & Uschi starting their trip to Nevis, first to Thailand (Bangkok and Chiang Mai), then Japan, Los Angeles, Miami, St. Kitts. Especially in Japan, we met many friends from our working days, famous Architect Takishita-san in Kamakura, Mrs. Sugiyama in Nagoya, Taro Mori also of of Nagoya where he runs a famous Chinese Restaurant, Seigen Toriyama, a real estate businessman of Tokyo, Pierre Weber, an ex Banker who lives part-time in Japan with his Japanese wife, as well as Marc Schulthess, eldest son of one of my very best friends who worked in Kobe for a 1A pharmaceutical company during my first years in Japan who happened to be in Tokyo just then.

17.2.-3.3.2018 – In 2018, Hans and Silvia Friedli came to visit us for the seventh time in our house in Nevis, this from 17 February to March 3rd. As alwasy, we spent a great time with them, as we do in Switzerland where we live about 10 miles apart.

22.3.2018 – Returned home via Zurich/Geneva after our wintering in Nevis

April – July – numerous visits to doctors for eye surgery for both of us, Uschi was first, I later in July because we were not allowed to drive for a certain period. Uschi then had an operarion of her right foot for a halux but it was rather for her artrose. The surgeon put three plates and over 2 dozen screws, and to this day she feels pain and the skin is still peeling though after one year the “metal scrap (Uschi’s words) was taken out.

15.-29.5.2018 – Willi to Tokyo to visit friends, former Nestle staff and of course attend some Sumo bouts

04..11.8.2018 – Willi and Uschi on a river cruise to Bruges, Lille, Valenciennes, Maastricht Nijmegen on ms Excellence Pearl

4.10.2018 – Visit of our friend Dr. Sakuta whilst attending a conference in Geneva

11.-16.10.2018 – Willi and Uschi to Finland via Munich to Helsinki to Munich to Milano, then Gallarate to Montreux

18.-19.10.2018 – Hans ans Trudy Schmocker vist us in La Tour

23.11.-18.12.2018 – We depart to Thailand, Japan US West Coast, Miami to fly to Nevis for the winter. In Chiang Mai, they meet son Nic and his brother in-law Oliver on the way to Phuket for some water holidays, and in Tokyo, they meet many of their favourite friends for their working days at Nestle Japan

23.2.-2.3.2019 – Windstar Cruise from St. Martin to Antigua, Barbuda, British Virgins, St. Barth, back to St. Martin on ex Club med 5 Mast Clipper

19..-22.3.2019 – We return home via Miami, Munich to Geneva

16.-27.5.2019 – Willi flies from Geneva to Tokyo and back to see Sumo for the 25th time since retirement, visits friends and former colleagues

3.6.2019 – Willi has an infiltration for his back pain at La Prairie in Clarens. Unfortunately, no positive outcome.

25.-29,6,2019 – We both fly from Geneva via Frankfurt to Reikjavik and back to Basel for a marellous 4 days in Iceland, including whale watching. Unfortunately, the helitour was cancelled due to rain that day so we did a comfortable bus tour with great weather…

6.-11.7.2019 – Uschi had lost a bridge and no one was able to do much about it, so her Thai dentist said by phone he would replace it under guarantee if we came next Monday at 10am. So we flew there and he did. It became lose as he had initially told us due to her being under chemotherapy when he did the work so her jawbone was not hard enough. He applied some cow bin powder which however was later rejected by her body, so she had to see a Swiss doctor back home. This you man could save the 2 immplants the Thai doctor set in July, and we will return in late March to finally set the new “free” bridge….

31.7.-4.8.20019 – Our cousin Sylvia came visiting us in La Tour, and on 2nd of August we 3 went to visit the night performance of the Fete des Vignerons, a major event held every 20 or so years on the Place du Marché in Vevey for 20’000 People. The artists are of regulare guys and gals who offer their time, they made a constructed at present the world’s largest LED platform and it was a great success.

1.-6.10.2019 – We made a short run into Southern Germany to visit some friends but most of all Uschi’s cousin Rosi who suffered a tremendous tragedy. An unknown bacteria had entered her blood system which made it necessary to amputated one of her leg above her knee. She is now resting in a rehab center and is in good sirits, hoping that she can move to her own apartment with some kind of supervision and assistance in the not too distant future. The other visit was Uschi’s aunt, Bärbel, 90, the only surviving Sibling of her late mother.

31.10.2019 – Aeberhard S.A. replaces 108 floor tiles on our terrace

3.-18.12.2019 – Depart for Malpensa by Boris, then Lufthansa to Miami, stay in Florida to visit friends like Martha Murphy in her house in Longboat Key, and many others in and around Miami for lunch or dinner, then by AA to St. Kitts and over to Nevis by speedboat

24.1.-19.2.2020 – Cousn Sylvia Neururer comes visiting us on King’s Hill in Nevis for three weeks, playing golf and meting numbers of our friends.

Mid February 2020 – Red Cross Hospital in Tokyo advises that due to probems with a cruise ship in Yokohama resulting in casualties, we should not come for Uschi’s consutation on 25.3.2020. We buy a new ticket for a flight for March 25 from Miami to Geneva.

18.3.2020 – Trump closes the borders of the U.S. for non-Americns, therefore we cnnot fly via Miami to transfer to our Lufthansa flight

23.5.2020 – We stay in <nevis but with temperatures rising and np more commercial flights leaving, we arrange a charter flight with a Bombardier Global 6000 directly from S. Kitts to Geneva, with 11 others. We were about the only flight over the Atlantic that day arriving a 6 am the next day, Sunday

4.9.2020 – As every day since my etirement in 1994, we celebrated our 6th grade class reunion but this time at the retirement home of our teacher Hans Schwank. The gentlement had recently celebrated his 100th birthday so a group of 12 remaining students helped him at a very memorable renunion to celebrate our days together some 70 years ago…

12.9.2020 – This was Keana’s Communion with all the family and friends in attendance with a wonderful meal at Schloss Wülflingen.

Just before the year end, our son Nic came with his wife and children Leonie 18, Keana 16 and Matteo 14 (at 1.92!) to visit for some nice Kobe beef. It was a most welcome visit in these otherwise rather lonely times due to Covid restrictions

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