Travel Plans

The following are our planned trips/events from the beginning of 2020

16.3.2020 – Depart Nevis for Miami, visit friends

18.3.2020 – Depart for <los Angeles, visit friends

20.3.2020 – Depart for Tokyo, visit friends, Red Cross Hospital

27.3.2020 – Dprt for Bangkok and Chiang Mai, visit friends, Dr. Supachai

04.4.2020 – Depart Bangkok for Munich and Geneva

25.6.2020 – Depart for London, visit friends

28.6.2020 – Depart for Vienna, visit friends, Dr. Jiresch

03.7.2020 – Depart for Milan, then via Lugano and Locarno to home

04.9.2020 – Klassenzusammenkunft im Terrtianum 8125 Zollikerberg. Aperitif ab 11 Uhr. Zum Anlass des 100. Geburtstags unseres Lehrers Hans Schwank

28./29.12.2021 – Nic with his entire family in La Tour-de-Peilz celebrating Christmas and the New Year with us

2020/2021 – Due to Covid, and rigid quarantine restrictions in Nevis, we have decided not to return to our Caribbean home for our usual 3-4 months for over 25 years for the the first time

March 2021 – Our old friend and great Netsuke collector Robert S. Huthart passed away in Hong Kong after a most successful csreer at 99 years

June 2021 – We had to cancel our planned 10 day river cruise on the loire rover from Paris to Le Havre and subsequent travel

During first half of 2021 – Instead of being in the West Indies, we had many small lunch parties at home and in restaurants, also visited doctors for check ups, dentists likewise and made short day trips in the neighbourhood

03.09.2021 – Klassenzuammenkunft im Tertiamum, 8125 Zollikerberg, war wieder ein sehr gelungenes Ereignis. Zum Anlass vom 101. Geburtstag unseres Lehrers Hans Schwank

06.12.2021 – Departure for Miami to visit friends like Nora Hüppi, Colette Liffmann and Martha Murphy and make purchases for Nevis

09.12.2021 – Arrival in St. Kitts with accident at the airport where a broken elevator door wripped off some skin off my left arm which took more than 3 weeks to heal partially. It will take a while until that wound will recperate to an acceptable sight.