Trips 2005-2014


The following trips were taken by the 2 of us between 1.1.2005 and 31.12.2014
Included in blue are the main periods where we have visitors in La Tour-de-Peilz or Nevis for more than a day or overnight. This started in 2003.
Willi and Uschi to St. Barth for shopping and mussels 18.1.2005
Trip to Barbados to Rolf Jaeger        2.-6.2.2005
Trip to Saba with the Friedli’s  16.-17.2.2005
Hans & Sylvia Friedli in Nevis 08.2.-21.2.2005
Walter Hunziker in Nevis         13.3.-21.3.2005
Leave Nevis via SJUIAD   29.03.2005
Return to La Tour-de-Peilz            30.03.2005 19:00
Uschi to Kempten and Dattlikon   19.4.-2..5.2005
Japanese Tastevin Group in CH/France     3.-8.5.2005
Netsuke Convention in SFO, and visiting LAX       23.9.-4.10.2005
Visiting Thailand and Luang Prabang, Laos         4.11.-11.12.2005
Visit of Alexandra, Nic, Leonie and Keana        11.2.-3.3.2006
Back in La Tour, in Short and TShirts…   05.04.2006
Willi to his yearly spring visit to Japan          15.5. – 2.6.2006
Willi’s 70 th Birthday Celebrations   (vz 20.7. ) 15.07.2006
Visiting friends in Germany, Austria, Northern Italy    17.-28.8.2006
Visiting Ireland, Portugal; England      5.-29.10.2006
Visiting the Murphys in New Hope, PA     29.11.-6.12.2006
Return to Nevis via San Juan, PR         08.12.2006
Netsuke Convention in Coconut Grove      26.1.-1.2.2007
In UK to attend Anton’s 60th & Bill’s 75th birthday party         23.-26.2.2007
Birth of grandson Matteo Luca Bosshard in St Gallen        27.02.2007 07:43
Guilin, Shanghai, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Bangkok     1. – 29.4.2007
Uschi returns to La Tour-de-Peilz  April  30. Apr 07
Willi to Japan from Thailand, returns from Tokyo         14.05.2007
Otsuka Party at the Beau Rivage  15.-17.5.2007
Donald & Isoyo Bradshaw, La Tour/Zermatt          4.-9.6.2007
Emile Mattei to meet Mme Magis   01.10.2007
Third trip with Adi & Susi Schulthess to Kyushu, Japan   2.10.-25.10.2007
Willi & Uschi to arrive in Nevis via SXM         10.12.2007
Hans & Sylvia Friedli come to Nevis      29.1.-11.2.2008
Nic & Alexandra fly to Nevis with the  grandkids         15.12.2007-4.01.2008
Sachiko Okamoto & Larry Pendexter come to Nevis  1.-7.3.2008
Willi & Uschi to return to La Tour via SXM/CDG   26.03.2008
Visiting Oma in Kempten  20.-26.4.2008
Willi Spring trip to Japan       12.5.-27.5.2008
Joe & Martha Murphy at Le Mirador, Mt Pèlerin    7-12.7.2008
Nic & Alexandra to visit La Tour with the  grandkids     10.-16.8.2008
Susi and Sylvia to visit us in La Tour  17./18.8.2008
Willi and Uschi to visit Italy and Cote Azur     21-30.8.2008
Uschi to babysit the grand kids, visit Kempten/Innsbruck (with Willi)  18.-30.9.2008
Willi & Uschi to start trip to Thailand/Perth and Sydney, Australia/US    21.10.-22.12.2008
Arrival in Nevis         22.12.2008
Leaving Nevis for US/Argentina/El Peine Nat. Park Chile/Easter Islands 28.02.2009
Returning to La Tour de Peilz via São Paolo      22.03.2009
Willi to visit Japan for his regular Japan trip   12.- 26.2009
Willi and Uschi to UK      15. to 19.6.2009
Willi and Uschi to Germany and Northern Italy     18. to 29.8.2009
Willi and Uschi to Bali and Thailand     11.9.-8.10.2009
Arrival in/Departure from Nevis  8.12.2009-26.3.2010 
Nic  & Alexandra visited Nevis with their 2 girls and 1 boy     15.12.2009-6.1.2010
Willi to Japan to Japan for his annual spring visit 8. – 29.5.2010
Willi and Uschi to Germany/Northern Italy 19.-28.8.2010
Willi and Uschi to Japan for their Tohoku  visit 10.10.-10.11.2010
Willi and Uschi to Hong Kong and Chiang Mai 7.-15.11.2010
Returning to La Tour de Peilz via Frankfurt       15.11.2010
Willi & Uschi to arrive in Nevis via SXM         02.12.2010
Hans & Sylvia Friedli in Nevis 18.1.-1.2.2011
Sylvia Neururer in Nevis   16.-17.2.2011
Leave Nevis for Radisson in St. Maarten 22..3.2011
Return to La Tour-de-Peilz            25.03.2011
Funeral of Oma Bergmann in Kempten 06.04.2011
Willi to his yearly spring visit to Japan   8.-22.5.2011
Uschi to Kempten and Dattlikon  9.-18.5.2011
Visiting BKK Chiang Mai Perth for Tom Price, SYD LAX Seattle SFO      11.9-24.10.2011
Visit to London 11.-14.11.2011
Uschi to Dattlikon and Kempten, then Zurich 16.-20.2011
Trip to Miami 06.12.2011
Miami to Nevis 09.12.2011
Daytrip to St. Maarten 23.12.2011
Willi trip to Tokyo, Japan via Miami and back to Geneva 6.-27.1.2012
Return to La Tour-de-Peilz  via Miami           23.03.2012
Death of Friederike Bergmann (Uschi’s younger sister) 23.04.2012
Willi to his yearly spring visit to Japan         7.-23.5.2012
Visit of Sylvia Neururer in La Tour 8.-10.6.2012
Toshio Akitsu with Kazuko in Switzerland 10.-15.8.2012
Trip to Bilbao for El Transcantabrico to see Northern Spain , then on to Lisboa 21.9.-3.10.2012
Trip to Japan, New Zealand’s North & South Islands, USA 12.10.-28.11.2012
Willi & Uschi arrive in Nevis via SXM         12.12.2012
Nic & Alexandra fly to Nevis with the 3 grandkids         21.12.2012
Nic’s family flies to St. Maarten for a few days at the Radisson 07.01.2013
Trip to Miami, visit Joe & Martha Murphy in Longboatkey 5.-12.2.2013
Fredy Keller comes to Nevis      12.-22.2013
We leave Nevis for Radisson in St. Maarten 19.03.2013
Return to La Tour-de-Peilz            22.03.2013
Willi to his yearly spring visit to Japan         10.-28.5.2013
Visit to London 17.-21.6.2013
Trip to Thailand, Perth Southwest, Tahiti & Marquesas, L.A. MIA Nevis 26.10.-17.12.2013
Return to La Tour-de-Peilz via London 23.03.2014
Willi to his yearly spring visit to Japan 8.-27.5.2014
Visit to London mid June 2014
Willi & Uschi to St. Moritz, Maloja, Lugano Zurich 4.-7.7.2014
Uschi to sit the grandkids whilst parents are in Japan 21.-28.8.2014
Willi & Uschi arrive in Thailand visiting ailing friends 19.-27.10.2014
Willi & Uschi arrive in Tokyo for memorial service of Sam Okura 28.10.-5.11.2014
Willi & Uschi arrive in Tahiti for sailing trip and vacation 7.-21.11.2014
Willi & Uschi arrive in Nevis via Tahiti, Los Angeles, Miami 22.11.-12.12.2014