Plane crash

A plane crashed on Nevis!

from behind from side from front

It has been known that three men travelling from the Cayman Islands via Santo Domingo to Nevis for a short visit to our beautiful Islands, were in communication with the Nevis Control Tower and got permission to land, and landed at “Para-Barnes” an area under development, around mid-day Tuesday. On touching the ground, the pilot was heard to shout, “Holy shit, this bloody air strip is shorter than described and is still under construction.” He then tried to get the twin engined plane into the air again but, it was too late, the ‘runway’ running uphill at 4 %. He crashed the left wing against a coconut tree which he thought the airport officials had simply forgotten to cut down. Other than that, everyone and everything is O.K.

The wing will have to be repaired and the flight will be on its way after the men have completed their short stay. Police are investigating as to how these men knew about this hidden runway and many residents are getting seriously lost trying to find it. The Observer will have more details by weekend as the event unfolds. Have a good look at the photos.

PS The whole plane was dismantled and shipped to the US for repair, after several months of trying to do it locally. Though nobody knows the actual cost of the repairs, it is estimated that this silly ‘mistake’ came to well over US$ 200’000.

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