Daettlikon – the new home of Nic, Alex and Leonie Bosshard. They moved in on June 30, 2004!

Here the various stages of construction progress of Nic’s and Alexandra’s new house in Daettlikon, above Pfungen ZH (near Winterthur).

Please click on any of the frames below and a larger picture will open. When you want to go on to the next image, just close the large window by hitting “Back” button and you will return to the main page.

1-the land from street 2-the model of the house 3-excavation

Excavation started in late fall 2003, the young family took possession of their new home per 1st of July 2004

4-foundation 5-basement walls 6-wood structure ground floor
7-wood structure 2nd floor 8-wood work comleted 9-tiling the roof
10-scaffold on main part 11-scaffold on living dining part 12-the finished house

Explanations of finished house in Daettlikon:
View from the south with living & dining room (red) and covered outside living area.
The main entrance and the double garage tract are in the back of the covered space and cannot be seen (it is visib le on photos 9 + 11).

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