The Estate

King’s Hill from Spring Hill Road Royal Palms Looking to St. Kitts
View to The Narrows Back of the house View towards Mt. Nevis

Fuller desription:
#1 King’s Hill seen from bottom of Spring Hill Road with the formerly wooden White Gate (now wrought iron) in the fore ground (staff entrance). Cloudless Mt. Nevis just is seen behind our roof
#2 There are several Royal Palms along Spring Hill Road inside our property, planted by the first owners, Michael & Joyce King 20 years ago; they are now some 8 m tall.
#3 View from the terrace, to the North, looking at the southern tip of St. Kitts, to the right is the Atlantic Ocean. The Swiss flag has to be replaced once a year due to the prevailing strong winds (we are here only 3 months!)
#4 View towards St. Kitts. In the foreground, the little hill with the Cliff Dwellers’ homes and Bananas Restaurant. The ‘Narrows’ are to the right, at left is the Caribbean Sea. The 3792 f. mountain with the ‘snow cap’ is Mt. Liamuiga.
#5 Back of the house, from the top sitting area. You see the SW tip of St. Kitts as on the slide before, at the right of the roof.
#6 Opposite view the slide to the left, with the sitting area on top and 3232 f. high Mt. Nevis in the background.

Websites with information on local affairs: (Resort Hotel) (Tourism Authority) (Travel Agency) (Realty) (Off-shore finance, stock-brokers, etc.)

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