South Africa II

Durban and environs, 25.-31.10.2004

After two weeks of rather demanding schedules and programmes, we took things quite leisurely during this period.

In Durban, on Monday afternoon, we took possession of another white Condor from Avis to take us around the city, then south and later back again. First we stayed in Durban at the South Beach in one of 4 Holiday Inns within less than a kilometer. These were the only rainy days so far, with high winds, and we spent them having fine Japanese and Indian food, and visiting some of the native shopping centers. I spent considerable time trying the internet; in the end, I got a hot spot right in the hotel, absolutely free as Telkom was testing the system.

On Wednesday afternoon, we drove down the coast on the regular highway to Shelly Beach where we met Kurt Zimmermann, a part-time resident of South Africa living in his own tastefully decorated home in a small town called Southbroom, right next to a golf course. We spent some leisurely days with him in and around his comfortable house and in the region which is lived in (very much as in Nevis) by part time residents from South Africa and the world. His PC was broken and it took me some time to get a dial up line, user name and password to download the lots of mail I had waiting for me, and to pay some bills that he had brought with him from Switzerland when he too arrived on Monday.

Palmtree with lots of nuts
in the shape of grapes
Nests of Masked Weavers Kurt’s thatched pool gazebo
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