Happenings in the first quarter of 2005

Please click on any of the frames below and a larger picture will open. When you want to go on to the next image, just close the large window by hitting “Back” button and you will return to the main page.

These pictures were shot on various occasions: when in Kirchberg, Austria (snow scenes); visit to Oma; and many on Easter Monday at their new home in Daettlikon near Winterthur, etc.

Leonie in an igloo With Alexandra outside igloo On her snowmobile
With dad on snow mobile With Alexandra Sliding in the snow/having fun
First day with Playgroup Doing some painting jobs With Shanna & Jacqueline
With her egg basket… the girls looking for more eggs Leonie found another egg
Leonie and Shanna With her findings With Easter treasures, mama, Carmen
On visit with Oma Hilde Aunt Susi/cousin Sylvia Mom (8 months pregnant) & dad
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