Visit of the Juniors with grand daughters

February 3, 2006, Nic, Alexandra, Leonie and Keana arrived very tiredafter a long and delayed flight via Paris in St. Martin where Willi wasalready waiting with a cold container full of USDA striploin andtenderloin beef as well as some lobster tails, cheeses and freshberries. Plus a huge package containing a new TW set.

After ashort 20 minute wait in the departure hall, we all were taken by a minivan to the waiting Islander of Windward Express, whose staff had seenafter all the transfer procedures including loading all the baggagefrom Switzerland as well as Willi’s local food packages and TV, intothe waiting plane. As soon as we were all buckled up, the pilot startedthe engines and he got permission for take off withing seconds. Off wewere over the beaches of St. Martin into the azure sky, with St. Barthsshowing to the right, with many luxurious yachts and sail boats in thewaters nearby.

Nevis was reached in 30 minutes, and me managed to get through immigration just before the passengers of an alreadylanded ATR72 trouped in. Nic was extremely impressed about the newVance W. Amory International Airport, he remembered the shack we hadseveral years ago. It is now referred to as VWA International, see picture 30 close to the end of this page.

Leonie learned to swim during their stay which lasted February 25, 2006.

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King’s Hill from the fence King’s Hill close up, Willi holding Keana West edge of pool, Leonie entering
King’s Hill & Mt. Nevis, 1030 ft, from Cliff Dwellers Leonie with mask and snorkel in pool Keana having a good time
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