Welcome Leonie Zoe Bosshard, born in St. Gallen on May 22nd, 2002

First pictures from birth to Halloween 2002

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At her baptism on August 24, 2002,
in Kaernten, with her proud parents
With both sets of grandparents, Hans
Rumpf, Uschi, Hilde Rumpf, Willi and
parents Nic & Alexandra
With parents Nic and Alexandra and
godmother Carmen Rumpf
Sleeping with teddy bear Nic holding Leonie 4 generations; Great grandmother Hilde 88, grandmother Uschi 60,
mother Alexandra 30 and baby Leonie Zoe about 1 week
With her mother Alexandra during
Halloween in La Tour on Oct. 27
Leonie sitting alone on the sofa
holding a large Jack-of-Lantern
Willi with Leonie and the pumkin
that intrigues her
Willi with Leonie flanked by Uschi
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