Barry Davies 11/94, Netsuke 56-77




056: Rat #3, coiled, looking up. Ebony or black persimmon. Signed: Yasutada
057: Rat #11, coiled into a ball. Dark wood. Signed: Tomiharu on an inlaid dark horn tablet
058: Oni #87, holding a rosary over the severed arm of the Rashomon demon. Ivori. Signed: Shuetsu
059: Rat and young #4, crouching on a group of chestnuts. Ivory 17th century? Unsigned




060: Rat #18, curled, grooming the fur on its right hind leg, Ivory. Signed: Ranichi
061: Rat #6, crouching, with its head resting on one paw, the other gripping its tail. Box wood. Unsigned
062: Rat #5, crouching, front paws holding a bean pod. Box wood. Unsigned
063: Rat #13, with young clambering on her back. Box wood. Signed: Ikko




064: Rat #12, crouching, its tailed cold and gripping a large chestnut. Rhinoceros horn. Signed Sokaku
065: Rat #8, seated, with tail coiled and clutching a fruit. Ivory. Signed: Masakazu
066: Rat #15, resting on a pile of four large spays of millet. Box wood. Signed: Okatori
067: Rat #20, coiled into a ball. Ivory. Unsigned




068: Map #107 of the Japanese mainland. Ivory. Unsigned
069: A group of seven chidori #116 flying amongst stylised clouds. Hornbill. Unsigned
070: Octopus #69, amongst waves and shells. Ivory ryusa with inblaid silver. Unsigned
071: Shishi #75, seated, forepaws and right hind paw resting on a large ball. Ivory. Signed: Mitsuharu




072: Two rats #16, crouching on a peasant?s straw hat and woven cloak. Ivory. Unsigned
073: Gaki and oni #85, crouched, arm wrestling on a large folded lotus leaf. Ivory. Signed: Tomotada
074: Ashtray #114, the centre decorated with a tiger. Arita porcelain. Unsigned
075: Cicada #115, on chrysanthemum flowers. Amber. Unsigned




076: Shishi #80, seated, its left paw scratching its neck. Ivory. Signed: Tomotada
077: Tiger #22, seated licking the inside of his right front paw. Ivory. Signed: Okanobu
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2 Responses to Barry Davies 11/94, Netsuke 56-77

  1. Willi says:

    I received the above in the deepest south of Chile called Torres del Paine…
    You will understand hat I do not have my records with me, and I write from memory as it is already 15 years since the Barry Davies Sale in his London Gallery. However, I recall the 2 Mitsuharu pieces quite well, they are quite different in size and quality. I am not sure, the #75 probably refers to page number of the catalog that Barry printed at the time on which the 2 pieces were depicted/described.
    #120 was the larger and more desirable piece, most likely done and signed by the artist himself, great paws and patina, whereas #071 is more a school type netsuke but I am quite sure that the signature Mitsuharu was placed at the time it was carved and was not added later. This netsuke is smaller, the paws were less accurately carved and more worn, the patina is good,

  2. Vlad Bykoriz says:


    You have two different Mitsuhary ShiShi #75 listed here (120 and 71). Could you be so kind to clarify?

    Many thanks,


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